Rablogan Castle of Scotland
where old world quality is never sacrificed



Tartans, Tweeds, Linen, Lace & Other Fabrics

Always Made in Scotland and always of the Highest Quality

Tartans & Tweeds - are not just for kilts and apparel. They make superb Home Decorating fabrics when used creatively. We have access to numerous stock tartans and tweeds or we are able to arrange for the weaving of specific designs so satisfy your decorating need

Linen - some of the finest linen in the world has always come from Scotland. We are able to supply an assortment of plain, colored or even tartan printed linen in lengths that will fit your needs.

Lace - Scottish Lace is a piece of Art. Whether you are seeking lace for drapes, table or your bed, we are able to offer you an exciting range of options, both traditional and modern. All genuinely Made in Scotland

Other Fabrics - Leathers, Cottons and more. Simply ask us about the possible alternatives

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