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The Uigheam

"Uigheam" (n. Furniture)

At Rablogan Castle of Scotland, we are devoted to the perpetuation of the age old axiom

"A man's house is his castle"

We have all heard this thoughful expression and many of us truly believe it to be so; others today would take offence claiming it to be chauvinist or discriminatatory or politically incorrect. However, if we trace its roots, you soon learn that the use of 'man' in this statement was a reference to man as distinct from animal. Thank heavens we have now cleared that up and can move on to what really matters.

There are few places where this axiom is truer than in Scotland. where the Scots have always strived to present an atmosphere of regency and elegance combined with quality and relevance. At Rablogan Castle of Scotland, a personal devotion to tradition and excellence has lead to the development of an enterprise dedicated to assisting those who are so inclined to enhance their house, their castle, We are proud to offer fine products and decorating expertise that foster this age old axiom.

Always Made in Scotland and always of the Highest Quality

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