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Custom Tartan Design Services

Tartan has a tradition almost as long as Scotland itself. There is no other fabric on earth that makes a statement like Tartan. Whether you want to identify with a clan, display your heritage, or brand a product, company or organization, Tartan is a certain way to make this happen.

Rablogan Castle of Scotland is proud to be able to offer one of the most complete Custom Tartan Design Services available by way of its association with Brian Wilton of the Scottish Tartan Authority. We offer a comprehensive service for a single fee that includes

  • An initial creative consultation so as to enable us to formulate a basis for the tartan,
  • Initial interpretive tartan designs,
  • As many subsequent consultations and design modifications as are necessary to create a final product that reflects your person, family, corporation or organization,
  • Final graphic representation of your tartan(s)
  • Completion and submission of your tartan design registration application to the Scottish Register of Tartans
  • Attending to any correspondence regarding the registration of your Tartan(s)
  • Obtaining, mounting and delivery of your Registration Certificate
  • Recommendation of suitable weavers and mills
  • Obtaining quotes for the weaving of your Tartan
  • Coordinating the weaving between you and the chosen mill
  • Submission of a fabric sample to the Scottish Register of Tartans and the Scottish Tartan Authority.

Contact us at any time to learn about our fee structure and to setup your inital consultation



Always Made in Scotland and always of the Highest Quality


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