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About Us

Rablogan Castle of Scotland LLC commenced business in 2013 as the US distributor of high-quality, traditional Scottish products either made by own staff or in Scotland. The business has as its foundation the passion of its founders, Robert & Julie Jones, their pride in their Scottish heritage and the related culture.

While both Robert & Julie were born and raised in Australia, Robert in Sydney and Julie in Brisbane, their roots run deep in the Highlands and Lowlands of Scotland. Robert's upbringing was heavily influenced on a daily basis by his Scottish heritage on both sides of the family, his mother's from Ferryport-on-Craig on the south shore of the Firth of Tay and his father's from the Highlands, a little south-east of Inverness. Julie’s roots while directly connected to county Fermanagh in Ireland are immediately traceable back to the Highlands of Scotland. This lineage clearly comes through as she cooks like a Highlander and is responsible for all our baked goods.

You could say that the Highlands runs through their veins and their hearts lives there.
They are truly committed to the fostering and promotion of Scotland and its heritage.

"Alba gu Brath"

Mission Statement

It is the mission of Rablogan Castle of Scotland to bring high-quality, traditional, Scottish-made products to the people of North America, especially those of Scottish heritage, who seek to maintain their cultural link, be it through food, fashion, culture or custom.

To this end, Rablogan Castle of Scotland LLC is proud to offer an ever expanding range of products

from our Kitchen (Cidsin) - Traditional Highland Shortbread , Brac, Marmalades, Jams and other baked goods

in our Wardrobes (Aodach) - Highland Wear for Men, Women and Children and other clothing, all manufactured in Scotland

for the home (Uigheam) - Home Decorating items including Cushions, Tartan, Tweed, Linen, Lace and other fabrics, once again either manufactured by our own staff or Made in Scotland.

to create your individual identity - we will design your own tartan, see it registered, woven and turned into your personal garments and accessories.

We firmly believe in what we say

"Always Made in Scotland and always of the Highest Quality"



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