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Traditional Scottish Haggis

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What is 'Haggis'? Well try it first because you are going to love it.

Our haggis is made here in the US because it has to be. But it is made under licence from one of the oldest haggis makers in Scotland. It is amazing and will make you a haggis lover along with all those other folk that we have already converted.
"The Links"
Individual serve Haggis

For your convenience!

Pack of 4 (4 oz) .............Call
"The Clansman"
1lb Knob
A hearty meal for 1 or 2!

1lb Knob .............. Call
"The Sma' Chief"
2lb Knob
Sma' Chief

For the family!!

2lb Knob.............. Call
"The Chieftain"
5lb Knob
When the clan gets together!!

5lb Knob.............. Call

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