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Traditional Highland Breacag


Breacag is a traditional Highland Tea cake that is believed to have first been brought to Scotland by the Irish back when the Irish were enlisted to help the Scots fight the English invaders. The original breacag was made using black tea. The Scots preferred something with a little more zest and introduced whisky into the mix; and why not!

Until now, our Traditional Highland Breacag has been only available to be enjoyed by a select few. Now that has changed and you too are able to relish the delight of this lovingly home-baked Scottish delight that is crafted using our own authentic traditional recipes and all organic, natural ingredients. It is a delight with tea and coffee, most any drink at any time. Taste it and you will understand why the Scots even snack on it while enjoying an ale or their favorite single malt.


Traditional Highland Breacag

"The Albannacan"
Tradtional Highland Whisky Breacag

Oh! Me ... Oh! My
It has been said that you should never judge a book by it's cover and this is certainly the case here. Our Brac is traditional, natural and truly mouth-watering. One mouthful and it will be your forever favorite. Made with John Barr Highland Blended Whisky.
Mini Loaf (13 oz) ............. $15

"The Celt"
Tradtional Highland Tea Breacag

Tea is served!
For those who love the idea of a traditional Highland Brac but don't want the rich flavour of whisky, we offer the traditional Tea Brac. The same delightful, natural ingredients without the whisky. Something that the whole family can enjoy.
Mini Loaf (13 oz) ............. $12.50
"The Glenmorangie Classic"
Tradtional Highland Whisky Breacag

Wow! You can taste the difference
This is the same mouth-watering, Breacag as the Albannachan but here we used Glenmorangie Classic 10Yr Single Malt.
Mini Loaf (13 oz) ............. $17
"The Laphroaig Quarter Cask"
Tradtional Highland Whisky Breacag

Simply amazing with a matching dram
This is the same mouth-watering, Breacag as the Albannachan but here we used Laphroaig Quarter Cask Single Malt. Peaty, Smoky ... Simply amazing
Mini Loaf (13 oz) ............. $20

Limited Edition "Distillery Series" Whisky Breagac

A delight in every bite!
We have taken our traditional Highland Whisky Brac and lifted it to new heights by incorporating specially selected Single Malt Scotches into the creation of these gems. There is something to please most every palette. The Distillery Series will be an ongoing collection incorporating new and exciting Single Malt Scotchs each time. Look for more releases in 2018.

Order now and Savour the Flavour of:

Glenmorangie 'Quinta Rubin' Single Malt Whisky Breacag - 13oz Mini Loaf ............. $20
- 5 remaining
Highland Park Viking Honour 12 Yr Single Malt Whisky Breacag - 13oz Mini Loaf ............. $20 - 7 remaining

2021 Special Limited Edition Whisky Breacag
Glenmorangie '18 Year' Single Malt Whisky Brac - 13oz Mini Loaf ............. $25

Please note: We only produce 25 of each of these Limited Edition breagac.


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