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Avian Carrier Tartan
Regd # 12733

RFC1149 is memorialized with the Avian Carrier Tartan

Early on April 1st, 30 years ago, a gentleman with a grand sense of humor by the name of David Waitzman from Cambridge, Massachusetts, wrote and published a document to the Internet development world entitled "A Standard for the Transmission of IP Datagrams on Avian Carriers" and referred to as RFC1149. The concept embodied in this proposal of using pigeons as carriers for the transportation of IP packets was totally preposterous but was greeted appropriately within that community given the timing of its release.

For those unaware of the workings within this development community, the Internet has and still is developed to this day collaboratively using a process by which proposals, Requests for Comments or RFCs, are written and published to the community at large, seeking input and possible adoption into the operating system. Not all RFCs are adopted and many are forgotten forever. David Waitzman had no idea that RFC1149 would not be one of them.

Now, 30 years later, on that very same day, RFC1149 - "A Standard for the Transmission of IP Datagrams on Avian Carriers" has been memorialized with a professionally designed, officially registered, already woven Scottish Tartan known as the Avian Carrier Tartan, Registered # 12733.

If you take a close look at the tartan, you will be able to see the pigeon traversing the depths of cyberspace, hopefully carrying a collection of IP datagrams with it.

Simultaneously released this same day is a range of stylish clothing and accessory products made with or incorporating this tartan. Included in the range are scarves, capes, wraps and other accessories. Custom-made items such as kilts are also available by order.

Thanks to the combined efforts of a couple of Internet development supporters with an equally passionate interest in the Scottish culture, RFC1149 is destined never to be forgotten.

The full range of Avian Carrier Tartan products are displayed here and exclusively available worldwide through Rablogan of Scotland.

Highlander Scarf
80" x 11"

Pocket Square
12" x 12"

24" x 24"
Glasses Pouch
4" x 7"

Coin Purse
5" x 7"

Handfasting Cloth
4 " x 56"

Ballantyne Wrap
A easy to wear,
casual styled serape

Aviemore Wrap
A full size wrap with clasp
that can be worn anywhere

Ballochan Mantlet
A stunning poncho
Great any time of year

Caithness Cape
Buttoned at the neck
Perfect for Fall/Winter

Inverleith Edinburgh Cape
Complete with scarf and hood
Never be cold again

Traditional Shawl
54" x 54"
As versatile as ever

Traditional Stole
36" x 54"
Perfect for a Summer Night

Regulation Kilt
Custom made in Scotland
to your specific measurements

$995 - $1295
Kilt Flashes
Made in Scotland
A Perfect Match

Fly Plaid
Made in Scotland
The perfect finishing touch

Accessorize your Kilt
with one of these
Kilt Jackets
Crail Jacket & Vest
A Perfect Match
in Twilight Twill
Made in Scotland

Clunie Jacket & Vest
For a formal touch
in Black Tweed
Made in Scotland

Men's Neck Tie
Standard Length - 57"

Bow Tie
Men's Neck Tie
Extra Length- 65"

Bow Tie
Self Tie

$65 - $85
Boy's Neck Tie
Standard Length - 48"

Table Mats & Coasters
Set of 4 tablemats - 15" x 20"
8 coasters - 5" x 5"
Table Runners
Made to Order
Sized to your need

Table Cloth
Made to Order
Sized to your need

Throw Pillow
20" x 20"
Zip closure

Fabric by the Yard
Doublewide 56"
Tuck in Selvedge

$135 yd
Faux Fur & Tartan Throw
70" x 56"
Choice of fur

Hamish Bear
Stands 10" high
Made to Order




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